About us

Carelines Group Ltd is a nationally based organisation who currently provide services to over 30,000 people nationwide. Our objective is to be of benefit to the community and in particular to provide assistance and support to older, disabled or vulnerable people requiring assistance and support to remain safely in their own home. Carelines Group Ltd serves areas in the North West and includes three other divisions. Steadfast Careline Ltd who serve communities in Cumbria, Calderdale and Wirral. Suffolk Careline Enterprise CIC (Suffolk have their own website which you can visit here) and Oxfordshire County Careline Ltd.

We help people to maintain their independence by providing telecare alarms and a range of associated equipment that give people the confidence of knowing that assistance is available at any time 24 hours a day. Our vision is to be a professional dependable organisation; sensitive to the needs of the clients and employees, recognised in the field as providing quality services in the United Kingdom through our valued, competent and dedicated workforce that constantly strive to promote independence, wellbeing and choice.





Primary Services


Pendent Alarm Monitoring –  If you or a loved one would like peace of mind knowing that help and support is available to them at the push of a button, then pendant alarm monitoring is the solution for you. This is a low cost service that provides a good quality of life whilst providing security and peace of mind around the clock. Sometimes known as Careline or Lifeline, the Telecare system allows users to carry on with their lives knowing that help is just a button press away.



 24/7 Emergency Response – For anyone who would like an extra level of reassurance we offer a mobile response service where one of our friendly, highly trained responders will attend an emergency. Each of our mobile responders is highly trained and always has specialist equipment to assist inthe event an emergency. We aim to respond to every emergency within 45 minutes; however we are often at the door much sooner.




We recommend that you combine both the Monitoring & Response services to ensure that you or your loved ones are at the least risk possible. 

Installation Process


The installation process is quick and hassle free!

This process is incredibly simple and can be carried out by anyone. However, in most cases you will have the option for one of our highly trained, full DBS checked installers to visit your home and install the alarm unit for you.