Monitoring and Response Service

We Combotreat every customer as an individual and tailor our services to meet their needs. Sometimes this means that we combine our services to ensure that the customer is receiving the best possible care package. For anyone who would like reassurance, support and care we recommend combining the:


Pendant Alarm Monitoring Package and 24/7 Emergency Visiting Response Package


How does it work?

We install a base unit and pendant alarm into the customer’s home which is connected to our control centre. As soon as the pendant is pressed the customer speaks with one of our control centre operators who then arranges for a member of our response team to visit the customer.


Who would benefit from this?

Anyone who would like the peace of mind that not only is there someone available by the press of a button but they can also have someone attend and be there with them. We currently have a large amount of customers using this service as they find the peace of mind and security it provides is invaluable.


Could I combine this with other services?

Yes you can have other services alongside this service including domiciliary care and assistive technology.


Is There A Fee for Upgrading if I am Already Using the Monitoring Service?

There is no fee for upgrading.


Can I receive this service?

We currently only provide this service in: Calderdale, Rossendale, Oxfordshire, Cumbria and Suffolk.