We work with several different organisations and suppliers which enables us to provide the highest level of service to all of our customers. Below are some of our partners with a brief description of who they are and how they help us make a difference to so many people’s lives:


Verklizan  Verklizan – all our call centres use the UMO platform provided by Verklizan. When an alarm call has been created the UMO platform displays to the control centre operator the client name, address and relevant information about the client including medical information. It then displays the relevant piece of equipment that has called the UMO platform i.e. fall detector, smoke alarm. This then enables our fully trained staff to deal with the emergency from the start correctly and efficiently. There is always two way speech on our alarms and all calls are voice recorded.



HGPHomground Projects – we work alongside Homeground projects as they help people or families source funding for our services. While seeking the funds Homeground will cover the service costs meaning that the customer can start benefiting from the service immediately.