Pendant Alarm Monitoring

If you or a loved one would like peace of mind knowing that help and support is available to them at the push of a button, then pendant alarm monitoring is the solution for you. This is a low cost service that provides a good quality of life whilst providing security and peace of mind around the clock. Sometimes known as Careline or Lifeline, the Telecare system allows users to carry on with their lives knowing that help is just a button press away.


We supply two pieces of equipment that consist of a base unit and pendant alarm:

Base Unit

The base unit is a small piece of equipment that connects to the phone line and a power socket within the home. Every unit contains a microphone and loud speaker, allowing the person who has pressed the pendant to speak directly with one of our professionally trained control centre operators.

Pendant Alarm

the pendant alarm is small, lightweight, splash proof and can be worn either around the neck or on the wrist. As soon as the button is pressed the base unit raises an alarm to our control centre and opens up a line of clear communication.





How Does it Work?

When the button on the pendant alarm is pressed it sends a signal to the base unit which then connects with the operating centre for immediate assistance. All our call centre staff are highly trained and will have access to the individual’s medical records as well as any other relevant information that may be required to known. In a calm and collected manner they will quickly determine the client’s problem and respond with the appropriate action i.e. calling the emergency services if injured from a fall. Even if the client is in a position where they are unable to speak, swift appropriate action will be taken to ensure the clients safety.


Will the Pendant Work Outside the Home?

Upon installation we test the range of the alarm throughout the property. This ensures to maximize connectivity throughout the household however the range does not usually extend to outside of the property.


What if Something Goes Wrong With the Base Unit or Pendant?

The base unit has fail safe procedures built into it which immediately alerts the control centre if and when something does go wrong. For example if the base unit is somehow unplugged, the pendant alarm battery is low or if there is a problem with the telephone line, the control centre will be notified immediately and take actions to ensure that our clients are not left without support.


Is there an Assessment Cost?

No! There is no assessment cost, if you believe this could be the right solution for you one of our friendly, trained members of staff will come to your home, provide you with a demonstration and answer any questions you may have.


Who can Install it?

Anyone can install this type of alarm. If you live a distance away from one of our offices we can to have the alarm sent to you via postal service. In this case the base unit and pendent are pre-programmed with your unique ID number so all that is required is from the client is to plug the base unit into the electrical mains and telephone line. We provide a booklet which contains step-by-step by instructions and we can be contacted for further assistance 24/7. On the other hand, if you do live in an area where we have a branch office then one of our professional trained installers will be happy to install the alarm.


Who Will Benefit From This?

Many people benefit from this service and in particular the elderly, people living alone, vulnerable people, people with physical or learning disabilities, people with medical or mental health issues or someone who has just left hospital. Basically anyone who wishes to achieve peace of mind from the knowledge that someone is available to provide assistance around the clock, 24/7.


Who can have Pendant Alarm Monitoring

ANYONE can have Pendant Alarm Monitoring